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Global Power Rankings Hackathon

The League of Legends Tech Challenge

  • 📅 Date: JavaScript Disabled

  • 👥 Open To: Everyone 18+

  • 💻 Format: Online

  • 🌏 Region: Global

  • 💵 Cost: Free

  • 💰 Prize: $50,000+

Welcome to the League of Legends Esports Global Power Rankings Hackathon, a collaboration powered by AWS and Riot Games!

This presents a unique opportunity to harness the official League of Legends Esports data and devise a groundbreaking method for globally ranking LoL Esports professional teams. Could your innovative approach hold the key to predicting the next world champion?

League of Legends, the iconic multiplayer online battle arena game by Riot Games, has evolved into one of the world’s largest esports since its 2009 inception. Riot Games oversees 9 regional leagues across the globe, each with its official ranking system. Seize this challenge to unify and globalize these rankings!

Amazon Web Services (AWS) equips you with an array of tools to accomplish this feat. Whether you’re a developer, data scientist, or machine learning aficionado, AWS offers services spanning Machine Learning, Databases, Analytics, and more, to empower you in crafting the ultimate LoL Esports Global Power Rankings methodology.

Your Objective: Construct a functional method, be it an API, a notebook, or a working web application, designed for a League of Legends Global Power Ranking system. Utilize the esports data generously provided by Riot Games and incorporate at least one AWS service to bolster your solution.

Deadline: October 23, 2023

Embrace this opportunity to push the boundaries of esports data analytics and contribute to the League of Legends community. Unleash your innovation, and let the rankings begin!