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Google’s Immersive Geospatial Challenge

Go beyond the map

  • 📅 Date: JavaScript Disabled

  • 👥 Open To: Everyone 18+

  • 💻 Format: Online

  • 🌏 Region: Global

  • 💵 Cost: Free

  • 💰 Prize: $100,000+

Dive into the realms of Google’s Immersive Geospatial Challenge and explore the innovative frontiers enabled by Google’s groundbreaking technology.

Unveiled at Google I/O 2023, the Geospatial Creator and Photorealistic 3D Tiles by Google’s Augmented Reality and Google Maps Platform teams provide the means for creators and developers to craft immersive, high-resolution, world-anchored experiences. This technology facilitates the creation of expansive applications across various domains such as entertainment, commerce, sustainability, local discovery, navigation, and more.

The Immersive Geospatial Challenge beckons all enthusiasts to leverage the Geospatial Creator in Adobe Aero or Unity to develop augmented reality experiences or use Photorealistic 3D Tiles to craft a 3D virtual immersive landscape. Enter the competition to compete for one of the 15 available prizes, ranging from $1,000 USD to $6,500 USD. Winners will have the exclusive chance to meet a Google employee and have their work showcased on a Google-owned website.