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MedHack 2021

the student-run Healthcare Innovation hackathon

  • 📅 Date: JavaScript Disabled

  • 👥 Open To: University Students

  • 💻 Format: In-Person

  • 🌏 Region: Melbourne, VIC

  • 💵 Cost: $33

  • 💰 Prize: >$2000

What is MEDHACK?

MEDHACK is Melbourne’s premier student-run Healthcare Innovation hackathon. Every year, we bring students together at the intersection of design, engineering, healthcare and entrepreneurship in a 48 hour sprint to help reimagine the future of healthcare.

MEDHACK is open to all regardless of home university, discipline, creed or experience – you don’t have to be from Monash University or studying biomedical engineering, industrial design or medicine to join.

MEDHACK is a values driven event. We’re passionate about celebrating diversity, bringing about collaboration and empowering students and co-designers to make an impact.

The Theme

This year’s theme is Empowered, and we are focusing on tackling challenges associated with chronic disease and building solutions.

Chronic diseases are the leading cause of illness, disability and death in Australia. 9 in 10 deaths in 2018 were associated with chronic diseases (AIHW, 2020). Through MedHack, we aim to bring the community together to co-design solutions that help address the challenges associated with Australia’s most pressing health concerns