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Modular Housing Hackathon

Develop flexible housing and infrastructure

  • 📅 Date: JavaScript Disabled

  • 👥 Open To: Everyone 18+

  • 💻 Format: Online

  • 🌏 Region: Global

  • 💵 Cost: Free

  • 💰 Prize: $5000+

Dive into the Modular Housing Hackathon, a crucial initiative aimed at addressing the global displacement crisis, highlighted by the UNHCR with over 79.5 million people forcibly displaced. This event focuses on the reconstruction of Ukraine, seeking innovative solutions for durable, efficient, and sustainable emergency shelters.

What’s the Goal?

Develop modular housing units that offer a swift, adaptable, and long-lasting solution for those in urgent need. These units should be easy to assemble and transport, cater to diverse family sizes, and withstand harsh conditions using sustainable materials.

Innovation and Sustainability:

Leverage cutting-edge technologies like 3D printing and automation to enhance construction efficiency.
Incorporate renewable energy and eco-friendly technologies for self-sufficiency.

Why Participate?

  • Your ideas could transform into real-world solutions, with top concepts compiled into an instructional manual for global application.
  • A prize pool of 5000 euros awaits the most innovative teams, alongside further development opportunities and a platform to showcase your work to a global audience.
  • Forge partnerships, stimulate economic growth, and empower communities through sustainable housing solutions.
    This hackathon offers a unique chance to impact the lives of displaced individuals significantly. By combining creativity with technology, you can help rebuild communities and offer hope through innovative modular housing solutions. Let’s make a lasting difference together.