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Ubiq Ramen Challenge

The Ubiq API Platform Time-trial challenge

  • 📅 Date: JavaScript Disabled

  • 👥 Open To: Everyone 18+

  • 💻 Format: Online

  • 🌏 Region: Global

  • 💵 Cost: Free

  • 💰 Prize: >$1500

What is the Ubiq Ramen Challenge?

We think you can get started on the Ubiq Platform FASTER than it takes to cook up a delicious bowl of ramen, so we want to put it to the test.

We want to see who can record the fastest time between account creation -> to the first encrypt that is made using your own application.

The Ubiq platform is an API-based developer platform that enables developers to quickly build local data encryption into any type application, without requiring any prior encryption knowledge or expertise.